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Free Ba Zi

Try-It - Free Ba Zi Analysis

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More Free Personalised Reports in our Member Area

Our personalized member area contains many more Free Personalise Reports

  • Favourable Sleep/Study/Work/Bedroom Location
  • Ba Zi with 10-yearly big luck forecast
  • Ba Zi compatibility
  • Flying Star House Analysis
  • & more!

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Ba Zi Premium with Expert Review

If you require additional personalised advise, you can go for our Ba Zi with Expert Review service.

Personalized Ba Zi Life Reading (Premium) with Monthly/Daily Forecast and Expert Review

  • SGD $188
  • Ba Zi Life Reading Premium Reports with personalised review done by Master Robert Lee

Annual Ba Zi Expert Review Update (Addon for Ba Zi Expert Review Clients)

  • SGD $128
  • ADDON SERVICE FOR EXISTING BA ZI PREMIUM: Update current and upcoming year Ba Zi Review which was previously reviewed by Master Robert Lee

Ba Zi Premium Self-Help Report Bundles

If you don't need any additional personalised advise, you can consider our various Self-Help Ba Zi Report Bundles.

Ba Zi Premium Self-Help Bundle

  • SGD $88
  • Gives you all the reports including the ba zi premium which gives you daily forecast.
  • Reports Included:-
    1 x Ba Zi (Premium) (For 1 person)
       - upto monthly/daily forecast
    1 x Flying Star
    1 x House Hunting
    24 x Monthly Auspicious Date

Ultimate Self-Help Bundle (For 5 persons)



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