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About Ba Zi Life Reading Premium Reports

About Ba Zi Life Reading Premium

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This report consists of the following packages:

1.1 Ba Zi Life Reading Premium - Part 1

This first part of the report provides you with a detailed breakdown of your element and strength.

1.2 Ba Zi Life Reading Premium - Part 2

This second part of the report provides you with a detailed analysis of your Eight Characters i.e. House of Conception, Year, Month, Day, Hour and House of Life.

1.3 Ba Zi Life Reading Premium - Part 3

This third part of the report provides a summary with a detailed of all the Ten Deities and their element Representation and a comprehensive analysis of your 10-yearly Luck Pillars.

2. About Personal Stars

This report is based on an ancient divinity method which was traditionally used to look at a person's fortune at birth.

This method is called the "Three Lives" Horoscope. It was said to have originated from wandering Buddhists and Toaist monks who made their living predicting people's chart about their present, past and future life. Hence, the term Three Lives. This report analyses some of the stars found in your chart which helps to determine some of your personal characteristics.

3. About Suitable Career

This Professional report analyses provides a guide to your most suitable type of career that you will excel in.

The report also provides you detailed information of the element representing a career represented by your personal wealth element and a career with power.

4. About Personal Element

This Professional report is used specifically to find out your birth element and it's strength. For example, a weak wood person. It is not supposed to be a full Pillars of Destiny Report, as such only limited information will be provided for your reference. The report will fully analyse your chart based on Day, Month, Year, House of Conception, Hour & House of Life pillars inclusive of all the combination and clashes changing your elements in your chart.

This report is currently available as a PAID report. View the sample report as shown below:-

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