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Using the Compass

Using the Compass

Precaution and Usage

1. We recommend that all users use an ordinary compass instead of using a Chinese Luopan to determine your main door for their home or office or university. Click here to find out quite a good compass which I find easy to use and reliable.

For the following reasons:

a. Internationally, it is easier to purchase an ordinary compass. All inputs at Geomancy.net is specific to an ordinary compass.

b. The Chinese Luopan needle and reading is South-North orientation. There maybe additional confusion as you need to understand the facing and sitting concept. The reading if done in a Luopan have to be rotated 180 degrees to match the standard North-South compass direction. Our website have the final result orientated in the standard ordinary compass direction (North-South). So using a normal compass to obtain the centerpoint will ensure that you do not make any mistake in finding your main door direction.

2. Many mordern buildings have re-enforced steel and standing too close e.g. to a column may affect the reading. Where possible stand at least 1 metre away.

Because of this it is always recommended that you test your compass for any deviation in the North direction when taken inside the house, outside the house or outside the building.

If there are deviations, you should compensate for the deviation by noting down how much the compass deviate when taken indoors as compared to outdoors. The correct reading should be taken as the one outside your home.

Determine the Type of House

Before finding out your frontage/facing of the house, you should first determine the following whether you are applying Feng Shui for Interior or Exterior:-

1. For a Landed Property (ie Bungalow, Semi-Detach, Terrace house)

2. For a Apartment / Building / Flat

Here it is important to know that Flying Star can be applied on a Micro level (ie just the apartment within the entire building), or a Macro level (ie the plot of land). So depending on the situation, you should apply the correct measures.


Since we are focusing on Home owners.

1. If you are doing a Feng Shui assessment of an Apartment in the Building / Flat

Depending on your interior layout plan, the facing direction is based on the sector that has most yang qi (ie main door or facing direction depending on where is the yang qi).

2. If you are doing a Feng Shui assessment of a Landed Property

Depending on your interior layout plan, you can choose the frontage of the house (usually by the house frontage or living room view), or the main door which you enter depending on where the yang qi is.

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